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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that many questions may arise regarding tax preparation and have compiled a list of resources that may help!


Where is my refund?

When your tax return is filed, the preparer will give you a date when your refund should arrive. If your refund hasn’t arrived by the Monday following the date you were given, there are the three options to find out :


1. Go to the IRS website and on the left side of the page click the link, “Where is my Refund.” Make sure you have the SSN of the primary taxpayer, the filing status (single, married etc…), and the exact amount of your federal refund.

2. Call 1-800-829-1040 and follow the prompts to talk about “My Tax Account.” You will still need the primary SSN, filing status, and refund amount.

3. Wait until next Friday. The United States Treasury is only allowed to write so many checks per week and when there are too many refunds one week, the remaining get “bumped” to the next week.

When will my refund arrive?

When your tax return is electronically filed, the IRS must first accept it before your refund can be issued. They must accept the return before Wednesday at midnight in order for you to receive your refund the NEXT Friday. For example, if your return is accepted on Wednesday the 5th, your refund should be mailed or deposited on Friday the 14th. However, if the United States Treasury has too many refunds to issue on that Friday, they will issue your check the very next Friday, the 21st.

Where do I download the IRS Refund mobile app?

To track your refund on your phone you can download the IRS2Go Mobile App on your phone through the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store. For more information click below.



I thought my appointment would be with Charlie Chung. Why is my appointment with another preparer?
While Charlie Chung would love to see and spend time with each and every one of Parakletos’ clients, time and scheduling factors don’t allow him to give the attention he would like to every client. Here are some options for you to consider:


1. Give another one of our tax professionals an opportunity to work with you. In addition to extensive hands-on training with all aspects of the tax code, all of our preparers are specially trained to be observant and proactive. We work hard with you and your unique situation to produce the greatest legal tax advantage you can get. If, after we prepare your taxes, you would still like a second opinion from Charlie Chung, we will do our best to arrange a time for him to review them before filing.

2. File an extension and schedule an appointment with him after the tax season (April 15th). Our schedule slows down considerably after April 15th. If you feel that it is crucial that Mr. Chung specifically prepares your taxes, we would be happy to schedule your appointment for sometime after the tax season.

When is Parakletos going to be in my area?

Visit our Travel Schedule to see when and where the Parakletos Travel Team will be throughout the tax season. It is updated throughout the whole year so that anyone needing an appointment can see if Charlie is coming to their area later in the year.

How do I schedule an appointment?

For those in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow, OK area, call our office at (918) 357-5660. Or email info@ptaxes.com. If you use email to schedule your appointment include several days and times you would like and we will tell you which day and time were available. Also, include the best phone number(s) to reach you at in case there is a change in schedule.


For those outside the Tulsa/Broken Arrow, OK area, visit the travel schedule and scroll down to your area to find the name and phone number of the coordinator that schedules the appointment in that area. If your area is not listed, we can prepare your tax return by mail, fax, or email.

I am mailing/faxing/e-mailing in my tax return, what do I need to send?

When mailing us your tax information, we must have one each of your original W2’s and 1099’s for our records. This means that our faxing and emailing clients must send us an original of each W2 and 1099. Also, we need the completed TIP form. You can print your own personalized TIP form. We can also fax or mail it to you. Complete the TIP and then mail/fax/e-mail it with the rest of your tax information. Finally, we need a COPY (please do not send us your original copy) of your last year’s tax return. If you are a FIRST TIME CLIENT, please send us COPIES of your last 2-3 years tax returns.

I am having a face to face appointment, what do I need to bring?

Bring your original W2’s and 1099’s. We must have one each of your original W2’s and 1099’s for our records. Also, we need the completed TIP form. You can print your own personalized TIP form or we can fax or mail it to you. Complete the TIP form and bring it with you to your appointment. Finally, your last year’s tax return. If you are a FIRST TIME CLIENT, please your last 2-3 years tax returns.


Do I need to file an extension?

If you are not able to have you tax return filed by April 15th, you may file an extension. When an extension is filed, you have until OCTOBER 15th to file your tax return before any penalties or interest begin to accrue. If you are receiving a refund, you do not necessarily need to file an extension. The only reason to file an extension is if you are not sure whether or not you are getting a refund, and you want to make sure that you don’t have penalties and interest. To file an extension, just call our office, give us the name and SSN of the Primary Taxpayer, and we will file the extension for you. (918) 357-5660

I owe taxes, but if I file an extension, i won't have to pay penalties and interest, right?

Yes and no. By filing an extension postmarked by April 15th, you may avoid Failure-To-File Penalties and the associated interest. That said, there is NO way to avoid Failure-To-Pay Penalties and interest. This is why we recommend that you estimate your taxes owed and pay that amount with your extension. If you aren’t sure how much taxes you will owe, we can help you estimate them. Just call us at (918) 357-5660.


I received a letter from the IRS, what do I do?

If you ever receive a letter from the IRS, FAX or EMAIL It To Our Office And THEN Call Us. The IRS purposely uses language and wording to confuse and intimidate you, the tax payer. Unless we can read the letter in person, we cannot tell you what they want. *Most of the time, all that is needed is a phone call or letter written to resolve the misunderstanding.

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