Our Annual Update

Blessed Clients,


2021 has finally ended!! Unfortunately, 2022 has shown up to take it is place and that means another Tax Year!!  But do not worry, your Parakletos tax preparers are ready to take the New Year on.


In case you have not heard, due to COVID we have been forced to restructure our offices. We no longer have a Bookkeeping or Payroll department. If you are a bookkeeping or payroll client, you should have been notified of this change, if you did not get the notice or if you need one of these services; Please feel free to reach out to:


Tony & Michelle Proctor (Accountant/EA, Bookkeeping and Payroll)


Proton Tax & Accounting, Inc. (918) 940-7281


Larry Thomas (Bookkeeping and Taxes)


FS& H Financial Services (729 )499-3909


Al Poole (Tax Consultant/ EA)


AP Tax Service (918) 344-9027


Even though we are short staffed this year we WILL still have a travel team. The actual “travel” season will be extended out till the October 15th extension deadline. Which locations Charlie comes back to will depend on the regular tax travel season. By doing this, it will allow Charlie to have more office time to see clients back home.


We had some confusion last year with appointment times, dates, and places. We had call from clients complaining that they cannot reach their coordinator. So, this year we decided to try something different and not use coordinators. All travel appointments will be done through the Parakletos office, so please our office at (918)357-5660 and Blake will help you with making your appointment. Remember: appointment times and dates will be limited so make sure to call Blake at your earliest convenience. We will send out emails about a week before we will be in your area to confirm appointments. If you are unable to make it to or if you do not have all your tax documents at time of appointment, PLEASE let us know so we can make other arrangements for you.


REMEMBER!! One time slot per return!!! If you are making an appointment for you and other members of you family, they will need their own time slot. The same also goes for clients with a Corporate or Partnership return with their personal. One Time Slot Per Return!!


Make sure you have all your tax documents and statements including your filled out TIP, ( to get one), before you come to your appointment. If you do not have all your tax information, call the office to reschedule. When you do have all documents, call the office to reschedule your original appointment. We feel bad when a client’s return falls through the cracks, but it is hard to keep up with 3,000+ clients. Therefore, it is so important that you make sure that your return has been filed.


Two statements, or letters, that you need to make sure you have is the 2021 Total Advance Child Tax Credit Payments (Letter 6419) and the 2021 Economic Impact Payment (Letter 6475 or Stimulus Payment). Last year, many of our clients received letters from the IRS saying that the refund was adjusted because the amounts were incorrect. Because of this we will be asking you to sign a form that tells that the amounts we put on your return (AdvCTC or the EIP) are true and we will ask to see the letters/forms showing the matching numbers.


For client that are enrolled in the Coalition Partners Program (aka Low-Income Housing Tax Credits), as of right now the credits are fixed. Which means no increase of credits or new clients to the program. We also ask when you send checks in that you mail them to Parakletos 25101 E. 71st St S, Broken Arrow OK 74014; we CAN NOT e-file your return BEFORE the tax prep and/or Coalition check is mailed to Parakletos. (Your coalition check WILL NOT be deposited until your refund has hit your account).


The IRS has created a new website for clients called This is a trusted service provider that uses the latest in identity verification technology to supply identity verification for IRS applications. Once you have created your account, you can log in to request transcripts of tax returns, look for letters that have been sent to you, and many other uses. It can also be done on your cell phone so you can log in from any where and at any time.


We know how stressful filing taxes can be, and we at Parakletos will work as hard as we can to get your return filed by the deadline.


Thank You and Bless You,


Tammy Chung

Office Administrator

Please Call For Questions!

(918) 357-5660

Our team of experts are ready to help you so that you can focus on what you do best! We’ll take care of the rest!

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